Saturday, April 30, 2011

Prankstars baby!

Yup our team is called the prankstars! I am not wearing green because I am the goalie, pretty sure every one knows that, just saying. ;0 We started way back in January and we have till end of May. I still can't believe I am playing the only sport I vowed never to play, but I have to admit I actually like it. It gets pretty intense sometimes. My team is awesome and everyone is a mom, they are hardcore. Don't get me wrong I laugh very hard a lot of times, some of you know why! Anyway here is our team. I have yet to get an action shot!!! Go team go!


Tyler and Bryna said...

So fun!!! It's times like these i wish i lived there!

Mary Anne said...

Ahhh I love it! Goalie, huh? Good for you! I would be terrified to be the goalie. You guys are so fun.

Loved you comment about the tulips! They really are beautiful. I like all kinds of flowers, but tulips are my favorite, too :)