Thursday, December 30, 2010


Jordan's presents that she woke up to from Santa!
Don't you just love our cute white tree? :)

Grandma B is showing Jordan how to make her first gingerbread house and Jordan is showing her how to eat the candy. :)

Merry Christmas!!! This year we were supposed to go up to Provo to spend with Corey's family but with his new job he wasn't able to get enough time off. So his awesome family decided to drive down here the first week of December and spend a few days with us. It was a lot of fun to have them here. Of course I didn't take any pics and didn't make anyone in charge of taking them either, my bad. I'm glad you guys came, good times and lots of laughs always!
Christmas was a blast this year. Jordan was so fun about it too! Whenever she saw Christmas lights she would say "ooooh pretty, huh?" just like a question. She would also say, "Bye Santa." So cute. She didn't even try to open the presents under the tree. Her main present from Santa was a kitchen, she was so excited! She loved all of her presents! :)