Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jordan laughing and playing with her daddy!!!

She found the camera reflection on the wall and
she wouldn't take her eyes off it!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

SoMe MeMoRiEs fRoM UtAh!!!

Corey and Brett dying Easter eggs!

Buk not helping with the flat tire!

The cute elephant on the cruise!

Corey and Peter standing by some
cartoon diva!

Meghan and I in front of our ship!

Campfire up at Spring Canyon!
Me and Meghan! It looks like I
have one eye!

Our cruise to Ensinada and

Jordan on the swing!

Brocker man checking out the
water below!

Jordan 6 weeks old!

Jordan 5 months!

The DFCU gals!

My mom, Jana, Grandma, and

Corey and I at Sea World 07!

Corey and I while we were dating!

The cabin in New Mexico!

The famous U of U! Corey is second
on the left.

Corey's little sisters!

The Hogle Zoo train!

Our baby niece Jovie Bugs!

My Aunt Aethea at my bridal shower!

Sea World 07 for the Poinsettia Bowl!

Vika, Peti, and Grandma Taylor!


We are moving on August 14 to Sierra Vista, Arizona. My family moved there when I was 11 and my parents are still there. I went to Buena High. GO COLTS!!! :O Then I went to play volleyball at Eastern Arizona in Thatcher, AZ with a few of my buddies from Buena. During my time at E.A., my sister, Jana got married to Brett Jay Raddon and moved up to Salt Lake from Flagstaff to attend the University of Utah in 2004. Brett then got sent out to Iraq for 18 months after the first four months they were married. So I had a choice to come to Salt Lake and live with Jana or go to Connecticut to play more v-ball. Well it wasn't a very hard choice obviously!!! I moved to Salt Lake right after I finished school at E.A. in July 2005. I hated Utah for a very long time. Even though I made friends fast and I was living with my sister I still missed Arizona bad. But when I realized I wanted to stay in Utah was when I needed to find my own place with some roommates before Brett came home from Iraq. Yup, UTAH had grown on me. While I was living with Jana I got a job at the Deseret First Credit Union and made awesome friends. I was also attending the University 28th Ward and I had made tons of friends in that ward as well. One of my closest friends that I met was in February 06, his name was Corey Seiuli. The first day we met was actually at church and we were arguing. Reason being; I was the Second Counselor in the Relief Society Presidency and our Relief Society President, Ashley, had been gone for two months on this school trip and she was coming home that week. So I had bought a huge poster board for THE RELIEF SOCIETY to sign. Well after Relief Society we had Sunday School and we have it in the same room right after. I told the girls that it will be on the back table and to go up and sign it when they had a chance. I went to the bathroom during transition and when I got back to supervise my board this guys was signing it and I said very nicely, "this board is actually just for the girls to sign." Little did I know while I was in the bathroom our First Counselor said let's have everyone sign it. So this other guy was sitting right next to the board on the other side checking me out and said, "hey he can sign it too." I said, "no he can't and who are you?" he says, "yes he can she just announced everyone should sign it." Of course I was bugged and I dropped it. Anyway that was our first encounter. But I officially got introduced to him the next day for F.H.E. Because it was for Valentine's Day and we were speed dating. I just recently was kind of dating this other guy in the ward and it didn't really work out, so I definitely didn't want to go to this. But my five roommates dragged me and made me drive so I had to. Well the last guy I sat accross from was of course this big brown guy and I found out his name was Corey. He was actually quite hilarious and charming. Except he started making fun of me when he learned that I could play sports. He doubted my abilities, so I challenged him to a game of horse. He didn't take me seriously until he pulled a fast one on me and said okay give me your number and I'll check to see if a court is open and I gave it to him without thinking. So now even though he got my number he would really have to play me. Anyway I creamed him. Haha! After that we became great friends and after three months of that we started dating. Then in 07 we got married and moved into the university married student housing and had two awesome football seasons, 08 was way better, obviously. We made the best friends ever in this little village that we live in and the best memories being all goofy. Then we got pregnant in the summer of 08 and had baby Jordan Seiuli Feb 09. Corey then graduated May 09 and will finish school this August and we are headed out August as well. Time really does fly when you are having fun!!! I will miss Utah so much!
Things I will miss from Utah not in any order:
-The Raddons
-Grandma Estes
-aunts and uncs
-all my cousins and their new fiance's
-The Taylors
-Grandma Seiuli
-my great friends
-corey's great friends
-Jordan's little friends
-going to the ute stadium and screaming my guts out for my hubby and his team
-going to the infamous chili's on 4th south
-going to red robin
-playing basketball with Meghan killing our husbands
-catch phrase (group or doubles)
-going on a cruise on a whim
-snowboarding (haha)
-cafe rio with Pegs
-going swimming and bbqing at the "house"
-being able to walk outside of the apartment and talking to anyone who is there
-being able to drop off the monitor at night
-choosing which mall to drive to
-uno attack
-smith's marketplace
-going to my grandma's house for dinner
-going to the Taylor's for a sunday dinner
-being able to walk to my sister's which is a block away
-being able to go to the temple 15 minutes away
-the snow, yes the snow only at Christmas time
-the 4 seasons, especially fall
-going to D.V.
-the beautiful mountains
-corey paint balling with his pals in spring canyon
-pretty much corey doing anything and everything with his friends
-the deer in our court during the winter
-ward softball games
-ward basketball games
-jordan's first room
-our church building 5 minutes away
-outlets in Park City
-alpine slides

Things I will not miss:
-cinder block walls
-no garage
-driving in the snow
-walking in the snow with groceries
-walking with groceries period
-accidentally locking ourselves out of the apartment
-having a separate kitchen from the living room
-having counter space, kitchen and bathroom
-having enough storage
-being far from my parents

Anyway I'm done! This is the longest post I have ever done. Shout out to all the memories we made in Utah. We will definitely miss it! But we are excited for our new adventure. Sierra Vista here we come!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

The New Do!!!

Once again I chopped my hair. It was in dire
need of some help, seriously. So I called in for
an appointment and literally set it for ten minutes
after the call. I didn't want to think about it, I
just wanted it done. Surprisingly I wasn't even
sad. I was smiling the whole time and was like
please get this mess of a rag off my head. Haha!
Compliments to Shelley at Blade Work.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jordan loves her cereal! I started her on
sweet potatoes just this past Tuesday. She
loved them! It's crazy how fast these babies
grow, it's so fun, but geez slow down. She is four
months and almost two weeks now. Love her!!!

Sierra Vista

After Jackson Hole my sister Jana, her two kids,
Jovie and Brock, Jordan, and I drove to Sierra
Vista, AZ for fifteen hours to visit Grandma and
Grandpa and Uncle Trent. I had a good time. It
was fun to see some of my best friends, Gina,
Marlee, Holly, Rebekka (Herb), and Brittney that I
grew up with and catch up on old times. And to see
their babies for the first time as well. This picture is
Gina holding Annastyn, Marlee with baby girl Forsberg
waiting to arrive. I miss all you girls!!! I promise it
won't be another two years before I visit again.

JACKSON HOLE was a blast!!!!

So our trip almost two months ago to Jackson
Hole was so much fun. The Tetons are
beautiful aren't they?

Everyone loved the pool, especially the kiddies!
Jordan actually stayed in her cousin Brock's
tube. She really liked it. Of course she liked to
have her dad hold her more. She is such a daddy's
girl already!!! He loves it!

Isn't this the cutest picture you have ever seen?
I did a pretty good job, although it wasn't hard
because he is already so dang cute. I love my little
niece and nepheuw.