Monday, April 27, 2009


We love our get together's at grandma's house once a month for dinner, chats, and games. Brock Jay was having a great time and Jordan was but she passed out after her girls night out. It was a long weekend for her. Isn't Brock adorable? Love him! Jovie was busy taking Nana up and down her stairs. We missed Jake and his new fiance Nichole and Aethea and Jeff. It was Jeff's birthday! Happy Birthday Jeff!!! We missed you guys!


It was Jordan's first girl weekend away from
home and her crib. We went to D.V. friday
night and she had a blast playing with her bf
Danielle on Saturday morning. They were even
holding hands at one point but I missed it by the
time I pulled the camera out they let go. They
were both talking up a storm. They are little
buddies already.

Happy Easter!!!

Jordan's first Sunday at church was Easter Sunday and she did great! She pretty much slept the whole time. Corey was taking the picture because he already changed out of his clothes! So it's just us two girls. Happy Easter!!!

Thanks to my friends Meghan and Teresa I have

a sweet calendar magnet board. Isn't it cool? I was

spoiled for my birthday, thanks to my family and

friends. Thanks guys, I had a blast. Especially

when I ate my favorite birthday cake. MMMMM!

Corey is now playing arena football
for the Ogden Knights. He is having
a blast being a part of a team again.
It's more relaxed but the hits are
way harder than regular football.
It's crazy! It makes me kind of
nervous, but Corey holds his own.


Here is miss Jordan at two months old! She is
getting so big and interacting so much more.

We love to talk to her and have her coo back.

She is smiling so big now. We are excited to

hear her first giggle.

Friday, April 3, 2009


Lastnight Corey surprised me with a wonderful gift. He was in our room for awhile and he told me to come into the room. So I came in and my pillows were on the wrong side of the bed. I looked at him and said, "Corey those are my pillows" and he said "I know I'm sleeping on the outside of the bed tonight because I am taking care of Jordan tonight and you can sleep." Yes he gave me the gift of sleep. Oh it was wonderful!!! Of course I woke up when she woke up, but I didn't have to get up. I think Jordan knew to take it easy on her dad, because she only woke up once last night. Thank you Corey, you spoil me. I love you!!!

For Jordan-------

A daughter. An astonishment. A perfection.
The newest thing in the world. So small.
So packed with secrets.
And every day brings fresh wonders-for every smile,
every gesture is an enchantment. Everything is unexpected.
(Quick! - see what she's doing now!)
Her face lights up when you - most ordinary you -
come into sight. Your songs delight her.
You are the one who can soothe her into sleep,
drive off her terrors, lever her from tears to laughter.
She is so beautiful, so funny, so eager, so resolute.
And she loves you with all her heart.
No one has failed who has so dear a daughter.

(Pam Brown, 1928)

Thursday, April 2, 2009


So last Friday Jordan finally started smiling for me. It melted my heart. Of course I started crying and then she looked at me like what is wrong with you. Haha! But it was the most precious moment ever and she just stared at me and then she started cooing. It was like she was telling me mom it's okay, don't cry. These little things are so precious. I love them! After going through such an awful delivery I never thought I'd appreciate being a woman, but now I'm greatful I am a woman because being a mom is the best thing ever. Anyway now when I lay her down on a blanket she gets so excited and kicks like crazy while she talks up a storm. I love these moments. It definitely makes late night feedings worth it.