Monday, December 19, 2011

13 Weeks!

I need to officially announce that Corey, Jordan and I are expecting a new family member. Baby #2 is due to arrive June 20th. We can't be more thrilled. I have been able to see my baby every doctor visit so far in the ultrasounds and it is very comforting. My doctor is seriously the best, she has done a lot of tests on me from my previous pregnancy and found out that I have a bloodclotting disorder called Leiden Factor 5 and that is why I had issues with Jordan's pregnancy. My doc says that the risk of everything happening to me again with this one is higher because of the disorder but atleast now we know and we can monitor it more closely and hopefully catch things before it gets worse. I tell you she is an answer to all of my prayers. One of the side effects of the disorder is pre-eclampsia. WOW! It's in 5% of the American population. My doctor says I was most likely born with it. Anyway just thought I'd throw that out there for family records.
Jordan tells us it's a sister when we ask her what is the baby inside of me? It's really cute! She comes and pats me in the stomach, quite hard actually, to tell us the baby is there. We are anxiously waiting for #2, I'm especially excited to see how Jordan does with it. She loves babies!!!Can't wait!