Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Yup.....these two cuties got hitched! It was a beautiful
ceremony on the Queen Mary ship. I was glad I was
able to attend. I hopped in the car with my parentals
leaving Corey and for the first time ever my little
Jordan. Luckily I had Betty, bless her heart,
volunteer to watch her that day. Corey was able to
get off work early and pick her up at a decent time,
so it was nice. It was so fun to be a witness for these
two and I got to see and be with my other cousins...
.I had a lot of fun!

My cousins pictured from left to right-
Chris married to my cousin Desiree, Bryn, Dain,
me, and Kyle!

Yay a carnival cruise....we all wanted to jump on
so bad.
Pictured far-my dad, my mom, Desiree and Chris.

Here is a funny story! While I was taking these
pics of everyone and the land.......

I set my milkshake down by a bench....let me tell
you it was a scrumptous chocolate chip cookie
dough vanilla milkshake that I set down and
then you hear my dad say Chris what are you
standing in? We all looked down and saw this.....

Oh yeah Chris was definitely standing in my
milkshake, haha! Luckily he forgot his nice shoes
so he just had on a pair of sneakers. I forgot to
take a picture of his shoes-hilarious! But don't
worry I had my shoes off and they definitely
were filled with the milkshake so I had to do this...

Don't worry they were my shoes and I promise
I didn't really drink out of them. It looks pretty
believable though huh? It was really funny
especially because Chris felt so bad. It's alright
man you just owe me a milkshake next
time I see you, haha!
Here are some other pics of the trip!

TOo much fun!

My cousin Bryn who is now engaged to Tyler
pictured below as ofthat night. Aren't they

Congrats you two!!!

SOme of the wedding party getting ready to
take pics!

And again, my beautiful cousin Desiree and
her handsome husband Chris, and me.

It was a blast! Thanks mom and dad for letting
me tag along!
Congrats again to Jake and Nichole. You guys
are a beautiful couple.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


SO Tuesday, Sept. 15, I had to take Jordan in for her shots and all that fun stuff. Well they weighed her in at 21 lbs and 6 oz. which dunta da puts her in the 75th percentile. Yay I don't know why I was excited about that, but I was. Her height is still off the charts by a long shot reaching 30 inches long!!! And she finally rolled today on Sept. 17. She got so excited she squealed and I was clapping so hard it made her jump! Ha! Such a big girl, it's crazy! Love you baby J.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

August 21, 2009

Jordan Seiuli is 6 months old!!! Wow how time
flies. This little girl amazes Corey and I every day!
We are so blessed to have her and we can't ever get
enough. Here are some of Jordan's likes and dislikes.......

I love my bottle.....I don't use a binky so when I get a chance I definitely chew on my bottle.
I really like my grandparent's dog, his name is Chase. I always look for him and laugh when I see him.
I love love my naps....if I don't get those I'm not very pleasant, but when I do I love the world.
I also love love bedtime....before I go to bed I have a bath and I splash in that white thing so much I reach the top of my mom's head and get it all wet. I laugh!!!
I love to stick my tongue out a little bit and make spitting noises...especially when I think something is funny and whenever I see that dog.
I love to play catch with my little basketball.
When I wake up in the morning I obviously get my bottle and then I go downstairs and I watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse....love that show.
I love to eat food....my favorites are sweet potatoes, green beans, and carrots. I also like the fruit if I'm in the mood.
I love to be outside.....I like to see birds fly by and I love to stare at the trees.
I also really like my toes and my hands. They are fun!
I like to scoot around on my belly but I only go in a circle, I also scoot when I'm on my back but I also only go in a circle from that too.
And even though I always want to know where my mom is I am definitely a daddy's girl!!!

August 19, 2009

Happy 25th Birthday Corey!!! WE love you
tons!!! Here are 25 reasons why we do-
1. you have the best smile
2. you are quick to laugh
3. you are quick to tease
4. you are an amazing husband
5. you are an amazing dad
6. you have a great work ethic
7. you are an awesome athlete
8. you can always make me laugh even when i am really angry
9. you know how to do almost EVERYTHING
10. you have a caring heart
11. you don't get stressed out hardly ever
12. you are very calm and inviting
13. you are great with people
14. you make friends easy
15. you are an amazing cook
16. you like things to be clean
17. you don't like to cuddle while we sleep (thank goodness, cuz i don't either :) )
18. you love the outdoors
19. you love the ocean
20. you love outdoor toys
21. you love to play games
22. you take 2 showers a day, sometimes 3
23. you love to go to the temple
24. you love to tell me stories
25. you love to go to the movies...............
only 25 things right? There are so many other things to put here, but I'll save those for the birthday's to come. I love you so much! MUAH!!!