Tuesday, September 8, 2009

August 19, 2009

Happy 25th Birthday Corey!!! WE love you
tons!!! Here are 25 reasons why we do-
1. you have the best smile
2. you are quick to laugh
3. you are quick to tease
4. you are an amazing husband
5. you are an amazing dad
6. you have a great work ethic
7. you are an awesome athlete
8. you can always make me laugh even when i am really angry
9. you know how to do almost EVERYTHING
10. you have a caring heart
11. you don't get stressed out hardly ever
12. you are very calm and inviting
13. you are great with people
14. you make friends easy
15. you are an amazing cook
16. you like things to be clean
17. you don't like to cuddle while we sleep (thank goodness, cuz i don't either :) )
18. you love the outdoors
19. you love the ocean
20. you love outdoor toys
21. you love to play games
22. you take 2 showers a day, sometimes 3
23. you love to go to the temple
24. you love to tell me stories
25. you love to go to the movies...............
only 25 things right? There are so many other things to put here, but I'll save those for the birthday's to come. I love you so much! MUAH!!!

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Jana and Brett said...

happy birthday! we sent your card in the mail TODAY! I know...aren't we awful! We Love You!