Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween!! Last night we went to Trunk-or-treat for Jordan with my mom and dad's ward at our stake center. Jordan was a fairy this year! She did not understand the trick-or-treating part at first but then she got the hang of putting the candy in her bucket or at least keeping it in her bucket. She was definitely having a blast.
Also Corey got a new job as the Manager at Oil Can Henry's. He was able to quit his night job at Big Lots finally. :)
Two weeks ago Jordan and I hitched a ride with Grandma and Grandpa B up to Brett, Jana, Jovie and Brock's place in Salt Lake. It is a really cute place. The three kids had so much fun together. They are adorable, miss them already. The purpose was to visit of course but also because Shelby was going through the Temple. Jordan ended up getting sick so I wasn't able to go but everyone else was able to so that was good. I was able to hang out with her and everyone else too, so that was nice. While we were up there we were able to see Grandmas Seiuli and Taylor with auntie Lea and Bre. My Grandma Estes (Jordan's nana), Aethea, Bryn and Tyler. We went with those two to the nightmare on 13th (so much fun). We also went through a corn maze while we were there, the kids had a blast through that. It was a great trip! After that Brett got a job in Washington and they moved shortly up there after our visit. Congrats!