Wednesday, June 30, 2010

JUNE 2010

Just being goofy all the time! :)

In June Corey's younger sister Bre came and stayed with us for a whole week. We swam almost every day, ate out of our minds, went to the cove, played card games, watched movies, talked and everything else you could imagine. Bre is getting so tall and she is only 11. Lea couldn't come this time because she is now cheerleading. We missed her. I'm glad Bre was able to come though. We also got to see Brad when he dropped off Bre and then Peti stayed a few days when she came to pick Bre up. It was a very fun visit.

Jordan is growing so fast. She is saying so many words now. They are: all done (eating), dog-woof, mama, dad/dadda, cheese, please, pretty, roar (lion), aw-aw (monkey), weee, ball, that, what's that, this, hi, hey, so much more I'm done writing, haha! Sometimes it feels like I blink and she learns something new. Love this girl!