Thursday, December 30, 2010


Jordan's presents that she woke up to from Santa!
Don't you just love our cute white tree? :)

Grandma B is showing Jordan how to make her first gingerbread house and Jordan is showing her how to eat the candy. :)

Merry Christmas!!! This year we were supposed to go up to Provo to spend with Corey's family but with his new job he wasn't able to get enough time off. So his awesome family decided to drive down here the first week of December and spend a few days with us. It was a lot of fun to have them here. Of course I didn't take any pics and didn't make anyone in charge of taking them either, my bad. I'm glad you guys came, good times and lots of laughs always!
Christmas was a blast this year. Jordan was so fun about it too! Whenever she saw Christmas lights she would say "ooooh pretty, huh?" just like a question. She would also say, "Bye Santa." So cute. She didn't even try to open the presents under the tree. Her main present from Santa was a kitchen, she was so excited! She loved all of her presents! :)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving!!! This year we had Thanksgiving with my family this year. Trent and Shelby were able to come down from Provo but Brett and Jana had just moved to Washington so they weren't able to come down this time around. So it was my parents, Trent, Shelby, my grandpa and us three. We had a good time eating thanksgiving food of course and playing our traditional games we play when we all get together. Always a good time!

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween!! Last night we went to Trunk-or-treat for Jordan with my mom and dad's ward at our stake center. Jordan was a fairy this year! She did not understand the trick-or-treating part at first but then she got the hang of putting the candy in her bucket or at least keeping it in her bucket. She was definitely having a blast.
Also Corey got a new job as the Manager at Oil Can Henry's. He was able to quit his night job at Big Lots finally. :)
Two weeks ago Jordan and I hitched a ride with Grandma and Grandpa B up to Brett, Jana, Jovie and Brock's place in Salt Lake. It is a really cute place. The three kids had so much fun together. They are adorable, miss them already. The purpose was to visit of course but also because Shelby was going through the Temple. Jordan ended up getting sick so I wasn't able to go but everyone else was able to so that was good. I was able to hang out with her and everyone else too, so that was nice. While we were up there we were able to see Grandmas Seiuli and Taylor with auntie Lea and Bre. My Grandma Estes (Jordan's nana), Aethea, Bryn and Tyler. We went with those two to the nightmare on 13th (so much fun). We also went through a corn maze while we were there, the kids had a blast through that. It was a great trip! After that Brett got a job in Washington and they moved shortly up there after our visit. Congrats!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Corey turned 26 on August 19 and it landed on a Thursday this year. I decided I wanted to celebrate it in Tucson. Corey gets free hotel coupons from the radio so we stayed in a hotel suite Friday night and all we had to pay was a $5 tax fee. My parents took Jordan for the night and most of Saturday. Thank you so much! We went to Red Lobster, Corey's choice, and then to the movies to see Despicable Me, hilarious! It was really nice to get away and be together just the two of us for a little bit. I love my man! Happy Birthday love!
Jordan also turned 18 months on the 21st of this month. She is growing up so fast. She is so much fun and she is so cute. It is also the first time she went to nursery. She did great for her first day. I dropped her off and she said bye-bye. Haha! After that she sometimes cries and takes awhile to say bye but it's only a minute, then she's good! Way to be a big girl! :)

Saturday, July 31, 2010


We went up to my parent's cabin in Cloudcroft, New Mexico. My Grandma and my mom were there since Friday the 23rd and me, dad and Jordan drove up on Tuesday the 27th and stayed till Friday the 30th. Corey had to stay home and work. Jordan loved every second except the car rides. For some reason she did not sleep longer than 25 minutes both ways. At the cabin though she had a blast. My parent's cabin is beautiful. It was a nice get away from Sierra Vista especially since it rained every day. I love the rain when you're in a cabin. There is a covered balcony that goes all the way around so we were able to still be outside and Jordan could still play without getting soaked because she loves to be outside. We went for a walk one evening and running through one of the neighbors land is a stream and Jordan loved it. She did not want to leave it, if I let her she would have played in it all night long. Jordan also rode the fourwheeler for the first time for two rides. She loved that too!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Volleyball anyone?

Anyone who knows me knows I am in love with playing volleyball, any kind. In April and October I play in a St. David tournament with my friends normal six-on-six indoor. Then last summer I played doubles in a grass tournament that lasts the whole summer. I first played with my friend Rebekka (Herb) then I started playing with my friend Keesa and we won the championship at the end of the summer. I had a lot of fun! This summer we are going to play again. The games are only on saturdays and Corey usually brings Jordan by with the stroller and snacks to come cheer me on. She thinks it's fun to watch mom hit the ball. She yells and claps her hands. It was funny because for winning we got these trophies and she thought it was for her and still does. But of course I gave it to her! She was very excited. The picture isn't very glamorous because being monsoon season it rained all morning on us and plus our sweat doesn't make for a great look! :) In June my friend Brittany put together a four-on-four indoor tournament. Corey and I played with Spencer and Marlee Forsberg. We got fifth out of 10. We did a lot better than I thought we would. We had tons of fun! I love VOLLEYBALL!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

JULY 2010

July was a blast literally with fireworks and all. Happy 4th of July! Jordan did not like the fireworks at all, she was terrified. Hopefully next year she will enjoy them. So Corey and I took her home and put her to bed and we were able to watch the show from our balcony because they have the show at our soccer/softball fields, which is across the street. Then my parents came over and we played games. The next morning we woke up and went to the Tucson zoo for the first time with Jordan. My parents took us. Jordan got to feed a giraffe 2 carrots, even though she wanted to eat the carrots herself. She thought the giraffes were way cool. She also really liked the polar bear, he was awesome. He swam the whole time we were watching him and he did a flip under the water. Animals are the best. She also saw the elephants, lions, tiger, monkeys, rhinos, zebras, ducks and tons of birds. It was a great sunny, but very hot day!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

One summer day in 2010!

Jordan has been really fascinated with the toilet for a while. While I was cleaning the shower/tub this is what she was doing. I obviously wasn't paying attention. She even closed the lid after she put it in there for more effect. Then when I was ready to clean the toilet this is what I found.......

That's right, it's one of my pot lids. Hahaha! It cracked me up, she thought it was pretty funny too! She has all kinds of fun! :) I'm glad we can laugh together baby J!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

JUNE 2010

Just being goofy all the time! :)

In June Corey's younger sister Bre came and stayed with us for a whole week. We swam almost every day, ate out of our minds, went to the cove, played card games, watched movies, talked and everything else you could imagine. Bre is getting so tall and she is only 11. Lea couldn't come this time because she is now cheerleading. We missed her. I'm glad Bre was able to come though. We also got to see Brad when he dropped off Bre and then Peti stayed a few days when she came to pick Bre up. It was a very fun visit.

Jordan is growing so fast. She is saying so many words now. They are: all done (eating), dog-woof, mama, dad/dadda, cheese, please, pretty, roar (lion), aw-aw (monkey), weee, ball, that, what's that, this, hi, hey, so much more I'm done writing, haha! Sometimes it feels like I blink and she learns something new. Love this girl!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

MAY 2010

Aw Happy Anniversary baby!
Travis and Teresa so cute!

Love these girls!

Definitely like a hot spring off of the back patio. Nice!

Random picture waiting to eat!
Meghan and Teresa
May 5th was our 3rd wedding anniversary. We celebrated it by going out to eat, I can't remember where haha. But we treated ourselves to half a week without Jordan the 12-15, Wednesday through to Saturday. Our good friends from Salt Lake were meeting up once again. Peter's parents had a time share they weren't going to be using so they asked him if he wanted to use it, so nice of them!!! And I'm glad Peter and Meghan decided to share with us as well and they chose a resort in Scottsdale called The Rocks. It was beautiful. Pretty much we were spoiled with luxury. Peter and Meghan got there Sunday along with Travis and Teresa. Jaron and Lauren got there Tuesday and then we arrived on Wednesday. It was so much fun to see all of their beautiful faces again. I miss these peeps. We layed out, played games, most importantly ate :), we went to a really fun waterpark for a day called wet n wild. (if you have a chance to go do it, it is really fun) My other good friend Gina gave me the best gift during that time which was to watch Jordan. So sweet of her. It was nice because she had her from Wednesday-Friday and she lives in Maricopa which is only 40 minutes or so away from Scottsdale so if Jordan wasn't cooperating or any emergency she wasn't too far from me. Thanks to her a million times over. Then I met Gina at a mall and picked up Jordan, drove to Tucson and met Trent and Shelby. Then they took her to their place until my parents met up with them in Tucson and took her back to Sierra Vista with them for the night and Saturday until we came home that afternoon. I am so grateful everyone was willing to help out and take her in a heartbeat. It was definitely weird though not being with her those days and nights, then seeing her and leaving her again. But it was worth it, sometimes we need vacations, especially when you get a sweet chance like this one. I think they are healthy. All in all we had an awesome time!!!

Friday, April 30, 2010


On January 4, 2010 Corey started working at the local radio station, Cherry Creek radio, as an account representative. Then in the beginning of March he started working from 5p.m. to 10p.m. at Big Lots! Jordan and I didn't really see him much because he came home from the radio station at 4 then had to leave for his second job at 5. He is working very hard. I appreciate him and I love him every second.
In March my brother married his darling wife Shelby. So my sister came down from Salt Lake with Jovie and Brock. My Grandma also came down. It was a good time. Easter was around that time as well. That was fun with Jordan looking for her Easter eggs. We took a lot of videos of it, more than pictures. We had the kids playing and getting into everything. They have so much fun together.
Then I had my birthday and of course was spoiled. I was able to play in the St. David volleyball tournament all day and we took 2nd out of 10. It was a lot of fun!
Jordan turned 14 months in April. She loves to fall asleep with her monkey, she used to let us hold her for a second before putting her down but now she just wants to be put in her crib, she loves to watch and play with other kids, she's always smiling. She loves to dance to all music, she actually dances to the beat too, she picked up this new trait and she now rolls her eyes (it's adorable now but it won't be when she is 16, ha!). She drinks 2% milk, knows what an elephant says and a doggy, she says dog, dad, mom, guck for duck, she loves her juice, she walks everywhere and climbs everything, she loves to swim and play at the park. I love our daughter, I am so blessed. She will love being the big sister in charge and that she will be!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Jordan turned one year on February 21, 2010. She had chocolate cupcakes and tons of presents. She was a little behind on her stats because we didn't take her to the doctor until she was fifteen months old. So her stats were 28 lbs. and 34 in. She got her one year shots too of course, those are always fun right? Ha! She started walking two weeks after her first birthday. I have to say I was a huge fan of walking more than crawling. She was able to get to me faster, that's why I liked it. Jordan is one hilarious one year old. She is walking everywhere and getting into everything too. :) She is also fast. This girl loves music and dances every time she hears it. She throws her head back and waves it back and forth. It cracks me up. Her laughter comes in different styles, she has her deep laugh when she is being tickled, her pity laugh, her fake laugh (this one is funny) because she mimmicks your laughter. She says goggy for doggy, hi, dad, dada (for everything), no (cute but not), mama (when she is whining), etc., and all the other words I don't understand, love it. Happy 1 year Jordan!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

2010 flew by!!!

I definitely am the world's worst blogger ever hands down. Of course I have been living in the stone age. Not having a computer is really hard, it feels strange. But now I remember all the things I used to do before I had all these luxuries. So I'm proud to say my journal is pretty packed with everything. At least I'm writing it down somewhere I guess. But I definitely miss looking at all of your updates and pictures for sure. This luxury is nice. I also saw my sister's blog book when she got it for christmas a couple years ago and it's so cool, so I do want that too. Anyway don't give up on me just yet. Right now I am using my mom's laptop from her classroom, so nice of her. We still have not gotten a computer yet but we will soon, yeah! :)
I have to grab my journal and update everything from the past year and Jordan's journal to remember everything. It was a good year, ready and happy for a new one, but all in all a good one. I am going to have to update slowly because it will be too much at once.
The last time I blogged we were still living with my parents. We moved out into an apartment on February 13, 2010. We were happy and so grateful my parents opened their home to us but we were very ready to get out as were they. (No hard feelings ever :) ) We love having them so close but not in the same walls, haha. She is agreeing with me right now, good times! We did have a blast though. A live-in babysitter is always the best kind. :) All jokes aside we love you guys, thanks for everything.

Monday, January 25, 2010

So I spoke of some of Jordan's new likes, this game is mine and Corey's new like! Our friends, the Forsbergs introduced this game to us and it seriously is a blast to play. If any of you have not played this game please do so. It is hilariously fun!!! All of the peeps in the 900 court this almost rules out couples catch phrase, not even joking! Family, watch out it's coming to reunions, haha! PLAY IT!

11 months!

Jordan turned 11 months on January 21st! She is getting so big so fast and learning quickly. Her new found like is the piano, the real piano, she loves to crawl right up to it try to climb on the bench first, then realizes she can't quite do that and starts playing the keys. Luckily she doesn't pound it yet so it's not a bad thing, YET! She still loves the dog of course. We taught her how to do high five, it's so fun, she will do it with you forever when she wants to. When she doesn't want to she will either stare at you or move your hand away with hers, haha! She will also do both hands for high ten! She loves to sing the hymns in church quite loudly actually, sometimes it's embarrasing but mostly funny! She loves to watch other kids, she has a friend named Rachel at church, they give each other kisses and hugs. It's really cute! She loves to wrestle with her dad when he gets home from work. She loves to eat cheese and chicken nuggets! She says dada, mama, hi, dah (for dog), she likes to talk to dad and anyone else who calls us on the phone. She loves to climb the stairs. She loves car rides! She still loves taking two long naps, one in the morning, one in the afternoon. She still sleeps long nights, she does need a nightlight now though! She is officially scared of the dark, we learned that the hard way! I felt horrible because she usually sleeps through the night and she kept waking up not hungry and totally scared sitting in the corner of her crib, so FINALLY one night I was like hey duh maybe she needs some light, yup that was the key. I felt so bad! I'm so sorry it took me a little bit to realize baby J! She loves to swim, LOVES it! She still loves her very warm baths. Loves her bottle, blankets and I could go on forever. Jordan your dad and I love everything about you, muah!