Saturday, July 31, 2010


We went up to my parent's cabin in Cloudcroft, New Mexico. My Grandma and my mom were there since Friday the 23rd and me, dad and Jordan drove up on Tuesday the 27th and stayed till Friday the 30th. Corey had to stay home and work. Jordan loved every second except the car rides. For some reason she did not sleep longer than 25 minutes both ways. At the cabin though she had a blast. My parent's cabin is beautiful. It was a nice get away from Sierra Vista especially since it rained every day. I love the rain when you're in a cabin. There is a covered balcony that goes all the way around so we were able to still be outside and Jordan could still play without getting soaked because she loves to be outside. We went for a walk one evening and running through one of the neighbors land is a stream and Jordan loved it. She did not want to leave it, if I let her she would have played in it all night long. Jordan also rode the fourwheeler for the first time for two rides. She loved that too!

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