Saturday, February 17, 2007

It was on a Saturday, February 17, 2007 when Corey Ifi Seiuli proposed to me, Kristen Barkdull on the Salt Lake City Temple grounds by using the Johnny Lingo theme from that same movie we had just finished watching a half hour before. For me it was the first time I had seen the movie. Corey was actually in Provo for the day and while he was there he was picking up the engagement ring and planning a special way to propose to me with the help of his friends Adam and Richie. But he had told me he had a "dentist appointment". Anyway on his way back to Salt Lake, finally, he called me and asked me if I want him to pick up pizza and if I want to watch Johnny Lingo and I said, "yes, definitely". While we were watching Johnny Lingo I asked him, "how many cows am I?" All Corey said was, "we'll see". So of course being me I thought what kind of answer is that, he should answer that straight up and fast. Haha! Then the movie was over and he asked if I wanted to walk around Temple Square. So we drove down and we parked in my work parking garage. It was desolate walking on the temple grounds, Corey was telling me about a lot of interesting facts about the temple. I was taking it all in and for some reason at the same time I was freaking out. Actually I remember on the way there Corey decided to tell me that if his mom begged Corey not to get married he wouldn't right now. So I was upset because here we were at the temple and I really wanted to marry this guy I was with. Anyway so we are walking around and Corey notices something is wrong and he comforts me and comes and holds me, then his phone rings and he is talking to someone quietly and short. He gets off and I'm like who was that and he tells me no one. I'm like ok no one is calling you and you were talking to no one, right! Then he says come on keep walking and all of a sudden there is a million people that the conference center just let out and we walked with the herd and then Corey says look and I look down to my left and on this bench were three stuffed animals. I was like those are not supposed to be there, if my mother or grandmother were here they would throw them away, haha! We keep walking and I see more stuffed animals coming out of trees and sitting on rocks and benches. By this point I am laughing my head off and I reach out for one of them thinking okay I am walking around with Corey and he wants me to take them. As I reach out he pulls me back and says don't touch them you don't know where it has been and what if they are bombs. WHAT? Then he realized what he said and it was loud for everyone to hear so he said just kidding. Finally the second to the last stuffed animal I realized they were all cows! DUH! Corey looked at me like finally! Then we go around on the other side of the reflection pool and there sitting on a bench was a huge red bull with the case open and the ring sitting inside sparkling ever so shiny. He picks it up and at that time Corey had a cast on so it was hard for him to get down on one knee. So he asked me standing kind of bent, I said YES, I will marry you! He put the ring on and halfway on he stopped because my knuckle made it stop, his eyes got wide because later he said it was his fear that it wouldn't fit. I said push harder and he did and it fit perfectly. I started to cry and I kissed him and held onto him so tight and he said turn around there is someone taking pictures. I turned around and it was Adam and Richie snapping quick shots of us. I was totally embarrased so I wiped my eyes and smiled big. On our way back we called our parents and explained this whole story, it was great. I love my Corey!