Saturday, October 15, 2011


First bus ride Monday afternoon after meeting up with the Raddons...let the fun begin!!!!

Jordan and Corey standing in line for the carousel. Brett, Grandpa, Jovie and Brock are right in front of them. Mom, Jana and I waved as they went round and round.
Jordan loved "her" horsie. My dad is cracking me up on his. It looks like he is scared, lol!
Jordan and Corey riding the teacups. She loved these.
That night the adults went on Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain and Indiana Jones. These pics are outside the exit of Indiana Jones. They started getting sleepy. Can you tell? I love these kiddos.

I think Jana and Jovie were taking a potty break after they went on Autopia. That's why they are missing. Brock loves Buzz!

Look it's BUZZ--AH! Jordan always puts an "a" at the end of his name. She thinks he is really cool, so do we! The ride was so fun too! Then we took Jordan on Matterhorn. She was nervous but she liked it.
Then we went over to California Adventure and went to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Disney Junior show. That was seriously so cool. I was so busy watching it these are the only pics I took of it. Jordan couldn't believe they were right in front of her. Then Jordan was tall enough to go on California Soaring. She thought that was pretty neat.
Then we rode on Heimlich from Bug's life. Jordan loved that one. After that we went to Toy Story Mania, which is the first time Corey and I had ever been. It is way fun!That is where we met up with Trent and Shelby. They drove all night Monday. We were so happy they were able to come. Then we took Jordan back to the hotel because she was pretty tired. The park closed at 6 that night so we decided to swim for the rest of the evening, then we played games after the kiddos went to bed.
IT SAYS; Fairies Welcome. This picture of Jovie cracks me up, cuz when I took it I didn't know she was trying to get in until I took it, so cute. This line took forever. Look at their faces below, lol. Corey, Brett and Brock went on 3 rides while we were in line to see the Fairies.

Jovie and Silvermist. Jovie asks her mom if she can dye her hair just like Silvermist, what a contrast. Jovie I love you!
Isn't this so cute? Vidia, Jovie and Tinkerbell. Jordan was shy for some reason. But she did give her favorite Vidia a high-five. I missed it picture wise because I was holding her. She made Vidia's day though because right when Jordan saw her when we turned the corner Jordan said, "it's Vidia". She said no one ever does that to her.

Then we went over to ride Indiana Jones and it was closed for a little bit, so we took the kids through the Tarzan treehouse. Jordan thought that was pretty cool. At the top I took this picture of the Thunder Mountain Railroad mountain. Pretty huh?
We found Winnie the Pooh right after we got off Splash Mountain. Jordan was kind of hesitant but she literally just got off Splash Mountain. Yup I took her on it. I didn't think I was going to but hey she is tall enough and it was during the day. She did pretty good. She kept saying all done all done during the whole ride. She wanted to get off before we started then at the end of the drop she said all done again and I said yes all done.
Corey and dad waiting for Grizzly rapids.
Another bus ride picture! So cute!
We went straight over to Alice in Wonderland while we were waiting for ToonTown to open. Jordan liked this ride as well. These kids were having a blast.
When ToonTown opened we went through Minnie Mouse' house, the kids thought it was cool, the details are adorable. After that we took them on the roller coaster. It went surprisingly faster than I thought it did. Jordan was kind of scared of that one. But she did it.

Look who I found. I love her halloween costume.

These pictures are of us waiting for World of Color to start. It was AMAZING! Definitely don't miss it if you have the chance. Right before this we were able to ride Grizzly Rapids, we got soaked. It is awesome riding it at night, you can't tell who is going to get more wet. Jordan got a present from Grandma and Grandpa, it is a Nemo stuffed animal. She is in love, she carries it around like it's her baby. I'll post a pic of them together I'm sure.  I'm so glad we all got together to play in Disneyland. I love you all and miss you all already. Great memories! Happy Halloween Disneyland!!