Friday, April 30, 2010


On January 4, 2010 Corey started working at the local radio station, Cherry Creek radio, as an account representative. Then in the beginning of March he started working from 5p.m. to 10p.m. at Big Lots! Jordan and I didn't really see him much because he came home from the radio station at 4 then had to leave for his second job at 5. He is working very hard. I appreciate him and I love him every second.
In March my brother married his darling wife Shelby. So my sister came down from Salt Lake with Jovie and Brock. My Grandma also came down. It was a good time. Easter was around that time as well. That was fun with Jordan looking for her Easter eggs. We took a lot of videos of it, more than pictures. We had the kids playing and getting into everything. They have so much fun together.
Then I had my birthday and of course was spoiled. I was able to play in the St. David volleyball tournament all day and we took 2nd out of 10. It was a lot of fun!
Jordan turned 14 months in April. She loves to fall asleep with her monkey, she used to let us hold her for a second before putting her down but now she just wants to be put in her crib, she loves to watch and play with other kids, she's always smiling. She loves to dance to all music, she actually dances to the beat too, she picked up this new trait and she now rolls her eyes (it's adorable now but it won't be when she is 16, ha!). She drinks 2% milk, knows what an elephant says and a doggy, she says dog, dad, mom, guck for duck, she loves her juice, she walks everywhere and climbs everything, she loves to swim and play at the park. I love our daughter, I am so blessed. She will love being the big sister in charge and that she will be!