Saturday, January 30, 2010

2010 flew by!!!

I definitely am the world's worst blogger ever hands down. Of course I have been living in the stone age. Not having a computer is really hard, it feels strange. But now I remember all the things I used to do before I had all these luxuries. So I'm proud to say my journal is pretty packed with everything. At least I'm writing it down somewhere I guess. But I definitely miss looking at all of your updates and pictures for sure. This luxury is nice. I also saw my sister's blog book when she got it for christmas a couple years ago and it's so cool, so I do want that too. Anyway don't give up on me just yet. Right now I am using my mom's laptop from her classroom, so nice of her. We still have not gotten a computer yet but we will soon, yeah! :)
I have to grab my journal and update everything from the past year and Jordan's journal to remember everything. It was a good year, ready and happy for a new one, but all in all a good one. I am going to have to update slowly because it will be too much at once.
The last time I blogged we were still living with my parents. We moved out into an apartment on February 13, 2010. We were happy and so grateful my parents opened their home to us but we were very ready to get out as were they. (No hard feelings ever :) ) We love having them so close but not in the same walls, haha. She is agreeing with me right now, good times! We did have a blast though. A live-in babysitter is always the best kind. :) All jokes aside we love you guys, thanks for everything.

Monday, January 25, 2010

So I spoke of some of Jordan's new likes, this game is mine and Corey's new like! Our friends, the Forsbergs introduced this game to us and it seriously is a blast to play. If any of you have not played this game please do so. It is hilariously fun!!! All of the peeps in the 900 court this almost rules out couples catch phrase, not even joking! Family, watch out it's coming to reunions, haha! PLAY IT!

11 months!

Jordan turned 11 months on January 21st! She is getting so big so fast and learning quickly. Her new found like is the piano, the real piano, she loves to crawl right up to it try to climb on the bench first, then realizes she can't quite do that and starts playing the keys. Luckily she doesn't pound it yet so it's not a bad thing, YET! She still loves the dog of course. We taught her how to do high five, it's so fun, she will do it with you forever when she wants to. When she doesn't want to she will either stare at you or move your hand away with hers, haha! She will also do both hands for high ten! She loves to sing the hymns in church quite loudly actually, sometimes it's embarrasing but mostly funny! She loves to watch other kids, she has a friend named Rachel at church, they give each other kisses and hugs. It's really cute! She loves to wrestle with her dad when he gets home from work. She loves to eat cheese and chicken nuggets! She says dada, mama, hi, dah (for dog), she likes to talk to dad and anyone else who calls us on the phone. She loves to climb the stairs. She loves car rides! She still loves taking two long naps, one in the morning, one in the afternoon. She still sleeps long nights, she does need a nightlight now though! She is officially scared of the dark, we learned that the hard way! I felt horrible because she usually sleeps through the night and she kept waking up not hungry and totally scared sitting in the corner of her crib, so FINALLY one night I was like hey duh maybe she needs some light, yup that was the key. I felt so bad! I'm so sorry it took me a little bit to realize baby J! She loves to swim, LOVES it! She still loves her very warm baths. Loves her bottle, blankets and I could go on forever. Jordan your dad and I love everything about you, muah!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Jordan and her British Bear!

Ok so I forgot that I took this on our way up to Utah for Thanksgiving. I was sitting back there with her because I was feeding her her lunch. We didn't want to stop at that exact moment so I stayed back there. While I was putting the food away I noticed she got very quiet, which is unusual for her, and I looked up and saw this. I didn't have the camera but luckily I had my phone on me, so I took a quick shot. She loves her bear. He sings two songs and then tells the Goldilocks and the Three Bears story and he has a British accent. It's kind of funny because Jana and I both got one from our mom for Christmas 2008 for our new babies that were about to arrive. We made fun of it so bad because of the accent, but I ate crow because Jordan absolutely loves the thing. It melted my heart. Jordan you are feisty but you have your very sweet moments. I'm just glad I was there to capture it!

Santa came, "I know him".......

Merry Christmas everyone! It was Jordan's first Christmas and as you can see she had a blast!!! The Raddon's came down from Salt Lake and they actually brought some snow with them. It snowed the 23rd, it didn't stay long, but it was beautiful. Of course my camera wasn't anywhere to be found. Of course! It was so fun to have these kiddos so close in age. They had so much fun playing together. I think it was more fun for me to watch them interact. I was laughing my head off a lot! Jordan loves her cousins Jovie and Brockee. Jordan and Brock climbed the stairs together almost every minute. And she wanted to follow Jovie around everywhere but she wasn't fast enough. Jordan's Santa gift was that fun table you see here in the pics, she loves that thing. I'm glad! It definitely keeps her busy. She loves to dance to the music it plays and yell when the singing starts. She loves all her other gifts from the family as well. We had such a great Christmas with everyone this year. I'm glad we have the pics to remember.
Jordan turned 10 months on the 21st of December and is getting so big. It's weird to think of the times when she wasn't so mobile. She has 4 teeth as of 10 months. Her hair is growing in thick and curly. It's all over the place and I love it! I try to put bows in it but she usually rips them out and then tears them apart, haha! Not so fun for me, but oh well. She still loves her very warm baths. She loves her blankets, she likes chewing on them! She loves to climb the stairs and she loves her daddy to chase her. She crawls very fast to get away, it's hilarious. She likes standing on his chest like she is surfing, she doesn't hold on to anything, it gives me a heartattack, but I know if she tumbled Corey has her. Anyway I'll update more when she turns 11 months, which is next week. WE love you baby J!