Wednesday, July 7, 2010

JULY 2010

July was a blast literally with fireworks and all. Happy 4th of July! Jordan did not like the fireworks at all, she was terrified. Hopefully next year she will enjoy them. So Corey and I took her home and put her to bed and we were able to watch the show from our balcony because they have the show at our soccer/softball fields, which is across the street. Then my parents came over and we played games. The next morning we woke up and went to the Tucson zoo for the first time with Jordan. My parents took us. Jordan got to feed a giraffe 2 carrots, even though she wanted to eat the carrots herself. She thought the giraffes were way cool. She also really liked the polar bear, he was awesome. He swam the whole time we were watching him and he did a flip under the water. Animals are the best. She also saw the elephants, lions, tiger, monkeys, rhinos, zebras, ducks and tons of birds. It was a great sunny, but very hot day!

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