Monday, April 27, 2009


We love our get together's at grandma's house once a month for dinner, chats, and games. Brock Jay was having a great time and Jordan was but she passed out after her girls night out. It was a long weekend for her. Isn't Brock adorable? Love him! Jovie was busy taking Nana up and down her stairs. We missed Jake and his new fiance Nichole and Aethea and Jeff. It was Jeff's birthday! Happy Birthday Jeff!!! We missed you guys!


Jana and Brett said...

haha what a cute pic! We make the best looking Grandkids. :0)
Sorry about last night.. Brett had to go to a Jazz concert for his class. But I will be going on Wednesday. Hope you can too! :0)

Jeremiah and Heidi said...

I totally missed the comment where you put down your number!! I so would have called you!! Your little girl is such a doll.

here's my email

joncasfam at gmail dot com

email me and then we can exchange numbers :)

Spencer and Marlee said...

Both those babies are ADORABLE!!! I can't wait to see them in real life! That day better come sooner than later.

Kameron & Gina Lee said...

She is so cute. I want to meet her! Isnt it crazy how fast they grow. It seems like just yesterday you had her...and she is already two months!! Hopefully we get to see you when you come down!