Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Love this girl!!!

Today Jordan finally had her appointment and her 2 year shots (or 26 month shots, ha).

Weight: 30 lbs (75th percentile) ;)

Height: 39 3/4 in (off the charts, like 106)

It seriously made her doctor laugh out loud. But he said she looks good, she is just very tall and he asked me if she gets treated differently?...I said how did you know? Cuz yes she does. NOT by our friends, cuz they obviously know now. But definitely by strangers and other moms at the park or playdates we have. Poor girl! It's okay though cuz if I don't catch it and say something usually one of my friends make sure they do. Thanks BTW!

This girl is hilarious! She loves to definitely push my buttons and has an amazing attitude, but I wouldn't change a thing. She loves her friends and LOVES their stuff. Seriously when I say that I am not exaggerating. I think that is the highlight of her day when we get them all together and Jordan can see what her friends bring so she can get into it. It drives me CRAZY! She's like "HI (whomever it is)", then in her head she is saying, "what does this friend have that I can steal." And I mean steal and run off with it. Patience is a virtue, what it is? ;0

We do have so much fun together. She loves getting her hair done but it literally lasts maybe an hour, then she usually waits till we are in a public place to take out her hair things. She loves STAR on sprout, at night before bed she will ask for sprout, it's cute. Then she says night night to him. She talks so much now, it still amazes me when we can talk for a second. Love it! She still loves the outdoors. Loves shoes and all of my jewelry. Loves all kinds of food! Still drinks like a monster. Potty-training will be an adventure I'm sure. The first thing she says in the morning is, "where's daddy", which I reply he is working. So now every morning this is what she says, "where's daddy, it's ok daddy's working." Love that too! She loves him and he loves her. And I love them both! ;0


Mary Anne said...

How CUTE is she!? I love her! Seriously, her and Sadie would get along. Or maybe they wouldn't because Sadie is protective of her stuff, but also takes claim on things that she likes, and think should be hers :) She is a tall skinny girl...nothing wrong with that! Poor thing everyone thinks she's older than she is. We had Canon's 12 month appointment last week and I just googled Canon's percentiles (they never tell me anything at his appointments, I just have to remember and look it up later) and he is a small fry all around! Like 5th percentile for both. They didn't even SAY anything about it at his appointment (like that I should be concerned) so I wasn't! Until now! Poor kid! Maybe you could lend me some height genes :)

Mary Anne said...

That was a long comment, sorry!

Jana and Brett said...

Hi beautiful Jordan. I can't wait to see you again. Just want this recorded:
Jordan: over 39 inches tall
Jovie: 38 inches tall
Brock: 36 inches tall
hahaha!!! Gotta love it.