Monday, April 16, 2012

Year 27

FYI-not a glamour shot. ;) My sister made me this adorable apron for my birthday and with her extra fabric she made one for Jordan. Thanks sis we wear them all the time and we love them. My birthday was fun. Corey took me out the night before for dinner and dessert. And my friends celebrated with me for a relaxed girls night painting toes, snacking and playing games. Corey and Jordan are cooking dinner on my birthday night. So cute!!! Thanks again everyone for  making my birthday special. I love my husband and my daughter and I can't wait for our new addition.


Jana and Brett said...

Aw it looks cute on you! And Jordan!!! :0) Happy Birthday sis! Love you!

Spencer and Marlee said...

Aprons are cute Jana! I am so glad you had a good birthday!! You deserve the best!! Love you