Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Saturday night we dyed 18 eggs . Jordan was all business dying these little beauties, it was cute how serious she was and how each one had to be a specific color. Even mine. Then on Easter morning the Easter bunny hid those eggs in our unfinished backyard and it took her awhile to find them all. She loved it. It was so fun this year. Our church is at 1 p.m. so we went to my parents house when we got out and the easter bunny had hid all her candy eggs in their backyard, she was so excited and so concerned that Chase (our dog) was going to eat them all. He usually doesn't follow Jordan around but he was so interested in everything she was doing. It was actually pretty funny. She would yell at him saying, "no, no, no, get out of here", he's deaf by the way so it's even funnier. ;) But she finally found all of them, the easter bunny hid 14. Chase only put one in his mouth but I caught him before he chewed it up. It went great! I seriously love this holiday and I'm so greatful for what our Savior did for us. Happy Easter!

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Jana and Brett said...

Hi Pretty Jordan! Your hair is getting so long! hahaha "Get out of here!" hahahaha that cracks me up. Chase...eating the egg...hahaha wish we were there. Love you guys!