Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas was so fun this year! Our tree was from our cabin, my parent's chopped it down for us when they went there for Thanksgiving. We loved it! Thank you mom and dad for the beautiful tree. We actually made these cookies sometime in early November. I was really bad with picture taking this Christmas as I have been it seems for a very long time. I need to do better. But Santa did come and Jordan's big present was a bike. She finally learned to ride it last week. I'll post bike pictures of her on a later post. Right now we only ride it inside, lol! We had a great holiday and a great new year! We spent it with friends and had tons of snacks and yummy grub. Thanks everyone for the yummy goodies and your Christmas cards. I love getting those! ;) I'm sorry we didn't do one this year, time seriously slipped away from me. We will do one this next year for sure. I hope everyone had a great one!!!

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