Monday, January 9, 2012

17 Weeks

This little girl sure makes me smile. She is wearing my boots and swiffer sweeping the floors. What a big helper. ;0 She is really cute with the new baby growing big in my belly, she pretends she is tickling it. I can't let her do it too long though cuz it starts to hurt after awhile. But it's sweet when she gives it a kiss. I've definitely started showing a lot sooner with this one. It's exciting. I had an appointment last week and things are going good. My next appointment is Feb. 2 and we will be finding out the sex of the baby that day. I can't wait. Whenever Corey and I ask Jordan if mommy is having a brother or a sister, she always says sister. And she is dead serious about it. And we say whichever is great! We are very excited.
My sister Jana had her 3rd baby yesterday morning. Her 2nd son, he is a little stud. I can't wait to meet you little man. I'm so glad you are here. Both mom and baby are doing great! Love you guys!
Jordan is now in her new room, my parents and Corey painted her room. I got to say I am in love with it. There are some last minute finishing touches with her bed and room decor, but other than that it is so cute. And so Jordan! I can't say enough how greatful I am for them doing that for us, thanks again. Next project, new babies room!!!

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The Clawson's said...

It seems like I haven't seen you in forever! Can't believe your already 17wks! I'm excited to find out what you have...I'm guessing it's a boy?