Thursday, August 18, 2011


me: turn on the light, take off your underwear, lift the lid. Ok sit down, go potty on the toilet.
(silently waiting)
Jordan: wait, watch!!! (looks down and goes potty)
me: good job, yay!
I am so proud of her! On Monday August 1, 2011 we started the boot camp potty training. WHAT A LONG DAY! But by Wednesday she had gotten it. Our little routine is so cute. Now during the day she tells me when she has to go. But of course I will still ask her, especially if we are out and about. I say, Jordan do you need to go potty on the toilet? Her usual reply is NOT YET! Love it. When she is ready she goes. That is how this 2 year olds whole life has been, so I'm not so surprised.
Some Jordan updates: this girl loves Tinkerbell, she loves her friends, her favorite movies right now are Tinkerbell and Despicable Me, she loves to sing Happy Birthday, she loves hursery-nursery, her favorite line from Despicable Me is "oh yeah" just like how Vector says it-hilarious, she loves her grandparents and Chase, she loves her shoes and everyone elses, loves it when it rains, still loves Mickey Mouse, she loves riding her pink motorcycle, coloring, pretending to read her Friends Magazine, books, blanket, her star, hats, dancing and so much more! Mom and dad love you little J! We are so proud of you!


Mary Anne said...

YAY! How funny that she says "Not yet!" Ha ha I love it. Good job Jordan! And better tell her that she has a friend coming to town. We'll be there on September 9th! So we will see you in church on the 11th...I CAN'T WAIT!

Meghan Huntsman said...

SO NICE that she is trained!!!! Danielle took FOREVER!!! Love Little J! Can't believe how big our girls are!!!

Jana and Brett said...

haha Brock goes around saying, "OH YEAH!" ALL.The.Time. These two are gonna be trouble together in a few of weeks. he he he yay!