Sunday, August 21, 2011


Corey turned 27 on Friday! We had a blast hanging with friends and getting away for the night in Tucson while my mom took Jordan for us. Thanks mom!!! I'm lame and this is the only pic I took. I was planning on taking a picture while we were eating in Tucson but we were laughing way too hard. ;) I completely forgot. Oh how I love my man. He thinks he is getting so old. But I keep reminding him the older we get the better it gets. OH Yeah! Here's to many more birthdays baby. I love you tons!


Jana and Brett said...

Here's to more birthdays...corey!....hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha Happy Birthday. Kristen you are a nerd, but you make life soooo fun! Glad you could find someone just as nerdy. haha right Corey! I would love to see you guys kickin at Cheesecake Factory laughing your guts out. Sounds like a good time.

Mary Anne said...

I want to laugh with you!!! :) And Happy Birthday Corey, so glad you have a FUN night out!