Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jordan's room

We finally got some blinds for Jordan's window in her room and my mom made these curtains for my sister's room when she was a little girl. My mom still had them so she just asked if I wanted to put them up. I love them! Then the bed comforter was mine when I was younger. It has bunnies riding unicycles all over it. I love that as well. The blinds are the faux wood, white.

Jordan helped me take her crib apart on Monday morning and we put her toddler bed up. It was really sad to put the pieces of the crib in the garage. (ready for another little one ;0) She absolutely loves her new bed. As do I. She was getting way too heavy to lift into a crib. She is doing great with it too. Of course she plays and has a lot of books on her while she is sleeping, but hey she is sleeping. ;) Can't complain. I love our new home!


Mary Anne said...

I love that her curtains and comforter used to be yours and Jana's! That's so fun. And hooray for a big girl bed! I'm impressed that you took down her crib and put up her bed by yourself. Can't wait to keep seeing the rest of the house! :)

Spencer and Marlee said...

Good to hear she is doing good in her "Big Girl" bed. I hope it goes better than last time. Her bedroom looks cute!