Sunday, June 12, 2011


I used to have time for them, I used to love making time for them. Where does all the time go....where did my interest in making the time go....does anyone else feel like this with their time or am I the only one?

A lot of people don't know this but my favorite hobby is drawing. I am not clean at it though, meaning I have everything left out on a specific drawing table and never put it away. Kind of like scrapbooking. So it's hard to do while having a 2-year old, scratch that, while having Jordan around. Plus I can't finish a drawing in one day, it takes me a few days to finish one thing. Probably because you get other ideas each day.

Anyway I miss my hobby. Hopefully I will get back to it eventually. Another one of my favorite hobbies are collecting pictures, not so much taking them because I am horrible at it......

So on a happier note I finally got my two temple pictures I have been waiting on for awhile. The 4th ward Young Women (who I miss tremendously by the way) sold Gila Valley Temple pictures for their girls camp fundraiser this year and the order came in on Thursday. I love my picture and then Corey surprised me with a beautiful Salt Lake City Temple picture for Mother's Day that I received last week as well. I wanted both because the Gila Valley is where we attend and the Salt Lake City one is where we got married, plus it's my favorite. I'm not done decorating around them but here they are on my wall.....(not same wall).


Mary Anne said...

It IS hard to keep up with all the hobbies you once loved. I feel like I'll never be crafty like I want to be, because I just get frustrated with children swarming around me while I try. And then when they nap there are so many other things I want to do! We recently got a spin bike (a hobby I picked up in Georgia) and I feel tremendously spoiled and so grateful for the good deal we found. I feel like myself again now that I can spin!! It's downstairs where the TV is, so we eat breakfast, get dressed and the kids watch a show while I spin! Then we're all happy and can go play outside. And I LOVE your two temple pictures! How sweet of Corey to get that one for Mother's Day, and what a good idea to sell the Gila Valley ones for a fundraiser. I bet you miss your YW so much! Do you have a calling in 5th ward yet? I know you just got there, just wondering.

Jana and Brett said...

Cute Kristen! I love seeing some pieces of your new house! you are a good artist. Someday...someday...then when that day comes you'll be like remember when I was too busy to draw?! And you will miss those days. haha.