Sunday, March 11, 2012

26 weeks and counting

Here is a belly shot. Don't worry people think I'm due in less than a month, but my due date is June 20th. ;) I am so excited to see Kendall, she is so fun to feel kicking around inside of me. The only time I feel her is first thing in the morning, when she hears Jordan's voice and after I eat something. She's pretty calm otherwise. Jordan talks about her "baby sister" all the time, they are going to be so much fun together and have so much fun together too. I was talking to Corey the other day thinking how different they could be, this one could be a lot lighter than Jordan with lighter features or be lighter with darker features, who knows. It's very exciting. We can't wait to meet you baby Kendall. But stay in as long as you need. WE love you!


Spencer and Marlee said...

You look so good!!! I am so excited to see and meet little Kendall also. It will be exciting to see the two girls play.

Jana and Brett said...

cuuuuuuute! You look good Miss Kristen! Love you and can't wait to meet Kendall :)

Kachelle said...

you're not that big, don't worry! and your boobs look AMAZING! that's the best part of pregnancy!