Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Halloween!

This year Jordan was a black cat and we took her trick-or-treating for the first time. (instead of trunk-or-treat) It was tons of fun! Her ears didn't stay on very well. But they were cute. My mom made the skirt with the tail attached and I always wore it when I was a little girl.

 Our friends the Lee's came with us. They were so cute running house to house. They got so much candy. There is Porter (dragon), Jordan and Annastyn (80's work-out girl).

 They were pretty funny when the people would say "take one". Yeah right. Whenever that happened we always stepped in, haha!

 Afterwards we got to see Kadyn and Kameran as pirates before the night was through. So cute!
Then after going through our neighborhood we went to my parent's house to get more candy, of course. ;) It was a nice night and so fun!

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