Friday, November 13, 2009

Our little crawler! Est. Nov. 1, 2009

(This is for journal purposes)
Today is November 1, a Sunday, and Jordan started crawling around. It was during church. She was being kind of fussy during sacrament so Corey took her out in the foyer. She did not want to be held and so Corey put her down to play on the ground. While Corey was talking to a fellow dad he looked down and there went Jordan. Little did we know the reason why she was being fussy was because she wanted to crawl away. Haha! Now she is so fast and she gets to whatever she wants. She loves getting the remote controls (of course) and anything with plugs. Not fun for mom with those things, but other than that I love it. It's really nice because I don't have to really pick her up as much anymore, she'll just follow me around. Love it and love you baby j!

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Meghan Huntsman said...

So fun! Nothing cute than a crawling baby...except when they are ripping cords out of the wall! Cute baby j! Miss you guys everyday!